Boostership FAQs

With each subscription, you have the option to include a second ad of the same size at a 50% discount, based on your subscribed plan. For instance, if you are subscribed to the Cube plan, you can add a second ad sized at 250×250. The second ad will encompass all the features of the primary ad, including full access if this feature is enabled.

Regions determine the locations where your subscription ad will be displayed. Presently, DropCGN encompasses North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Each region is made up of selectable countries where your ads will be featured.

Categories function similarly to regions as they serve as identifiers for published content, encompassing topics like technology, business, entertainment, and more. In conjunction with your selected region, you have the ability to choose the categories in which your ads will be displayed.

Upon activation within your subscription, your ads will be displayed across all categories and regions.

You can view all the available regions and categories by clicking this link: cgn+

Note: Please ensure you regularly review this section as we continually broaden our coverage.

You can activate as many subscriptions as necessary for your campaign. However, please keep in mind that each subscription requires ads of the same size; cross-size matching is not supported. For example, if you have one ad sized at 250×250 and another at 728×90, you will need to set up separate subscriptions for each.

All subscriptions, except for the Catalyst plan, are set to auto-renew unless canceled prior to the renewal date.

At present, ads are displayed in two distinct areas: the sidebar section and article inserts.

The sidebar comprises four sections: Top, Mid, Bottom, and XL Bottom. Within these sections, ads of box, rectangle, and skyscraper formats are featured.

On the other hand, article inserts display ads either before the 2nd paragraph or after the 3rd paragraph. In this area, banner ads and 250×250 box ads are showcased.

Certainly! We have the capability to customize and tailor your campaign to your specific requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Boost team for a more in-depth discussion regarding your needs and preferences. Email: boost@dropcgn.com

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