Swiss trade delegates engage in talks on cultural and economic collaboration with Tainan, Taiwan

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The Trade Office of Swiss Industries Director Claudia Fontana Tobiassen and other Swiss officials engaged in discussions with Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che in Tainan, aiming to foster cultural and economic ties between Switzerland and Taiwan.

Mayor Huang expressed Tainan’s eagerness to collaborate with Switzerland in various domains, including art, culture, education, and trade, as reported by Liberty Times. Emphasizing the importance of education, he highlighted Tainan’s interest in learning from Switzerland’s renowned people-centered approach to education.

Describing Tainan as the “cultural capital” of Taiwan, Mayor Huang expressed his hope that Tobiassen would experience the city’s warmth and hospitality, according to CNA. In response, Tobiassen noted the increasing exchanges between Switzerland and Taiwan in recent years and expressed her honor in visiting cities beyond Taipei.

Highlighting the robust economic relationship between the two nations, Tobiassen mentioned that there are approximately 130 Swiss companies operating in Taiwan, contributing to bilateral trade amounting to US$4 billion annually. She also noted the presence of 360 Swiss nationals in Taiwan, with over 20 residing in Tainan.

Tobiassen underscored the potential for further collaboration between Switzerland and Tainan, acknowledging the vibrant international cultural exhibitions and activities in Taiwan. She expressed Switzerland’s interest in participating in such events in the future.

The primary objective of TOSI is to facilitate and promote exchanges encompassing economic, cultural, educational, scientific, and tourism domains between Switzerland and Taiwan, as stated on its website. Tobiassen has been serving as its director since 2023, spearheading its efforts to strengthen bilateral ties.

The meeting between TOSI officials and Mayor Huang reflects the mutual desire to deepen the longstanding relationship between Switzerland and Taiwan, paving the way for enhanced cooperation in various fields for the benefit of both nations.

(Source: Michael Nakhiengchanh | Taiwan News)

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