Gogoro electrifies Taiwan’s scooter market with Jego Smartscooter

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In a dazzling display of innovation, Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer, has ignited a fervor in the market with its latest offering, the Jego Smartscooter. Last week, Gogoro commenced deliveries of this cutting-edge vehicle, marking a milestone in the company’s journey.

The Jego has quickly become the apple of the eye for many, boasting the strongest demand for any Gogoro vehicle since the onset of the pandemic. Surpassing all expectations, Gogoro has already received over 6,500 fully paid preorders for this sleek electric scooter.

One intriguing aspect is that Jego pre-orders were not factored into the Taiwan government’s first-quarter registration data. Since deliveries have only just begun, the majority of Jego sales will not be reflected in the upcoming April vehicle registration data, which is due for publication in early May.

However, fret not, as these 6,500 pre-orders will eventually find their way into the registration data once the vehicles are registered. Gogoro will then account for the vehicle revenue post-delivery to the eager customers.

Horace Luke, the visionary founder and CEO of Gogoro, expressed his excitement, stating, “Jego has struck a chord with a new market segment of Taiwan riders—nearly all of our 6,500 pre-order customers are first-time EV riders. They are seeking a smart, convenient, and sustainable vehicle and are not only embracing Jego’s innovation and design but also relishing access to Gogoro’s extensive battery-swapping network.”

The Jego is priced starting at NT$21,180 (US$650) after government subsidies. To sweeten the deal, Gogoro has introduced a budget-friendly 1,000-km NT$199 per month plan for a 36-month prepaid subscription, marking its most economical subscription plan yet.

With the Jego Smartscooter, Gogoro is not just setting new standards in the electric vehicle market but is also shaping the future of sustainable transportation in Taiwan and beyond.

(Source: Taiwan Times | PR News | Electrek)

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