European Commission proposes 12% increase in Schengen Visa fees

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The European Commission has put forward a proposal to raise the application fees for the Schengen visa by 12%. If approved, this would see the cost for adults increase from €80 to €90, and for children from €40 to €45.

The Schengen visa is mandatory for citizens from non-EU countries who do not benefit from the 90-day visa-free rule. The proposed hike is part of a broader effort to address rising inflation within the EU.

Additionally, the proposal includes a provision for countries deemed to be uncooperative in readmission processes to face even higher fee increases. For these cases, the fee for adults could rise from €120 to €135, and for children from €160 to €180.

The European Commission’s proposal, presented on February 2 and currently open for feedback until March 1, has already received significant support from member states. EU citizens have the opportunity to express their opinions on the proposal during this period.

The Commission typically reviews Schengen visa fees every three years. Alongside the fee adjustments, the proposal also considers allowing external providers, such as visa agencies, to raise their service fees in line with the revised visa fees, potentially increasing the maximum fee from €40 to €45.

If approved, the proposed fee adjustments could come into effect in the coming months, impacting travelers applying for Schengen visas.

(Source: Times of India | Morocco World News | Euro News)

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