Thailand’s consulate in Osaka issues health advisory following measles cases in Japan

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The Thai consulate in Osaka has issued an unusual health advisory for Thai nationals residing or traveling in Osaka, Japan, following the confirmation of measles cases in the city. The advisory recommends wearing masks when outdoors or using public transportation, indicating a level of concern not often seen in the region.

The Osaka Prefecture has reported two individuals infected with measles, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Japan to eight, including those in Tokyo. Japan successfully eradicated the disease in 2015, making the recent cases a cause for alarm.

Of particular concern is that one of the measles cases in Osaka was detected on March 1 in an individual who arrived in the city on February 24 from Abu Dhabi, aboard an Etihad flight. Osaka, with its large Thai community and popularity among Thai travelers, is a focal point for the advisory.

Meanwhile, Thailand is also facing its own health alert. The province of Buriram issued a warning about anthrax, a severe bacterial disease, following three cases in neighboring Laos. Anthrax can spread from animals to humans, particularly through the consumption of raw bovine and buffalo meat. Farmers are advised to seek veterinary assistance if they notice unusual lesions or behaviors in their livestock.

In another health-related controversy, Thai doctor Thiravat Hemachudha shared information on Facebook about the potentially fatal effects of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. He cited English YouTuber John Campbell, known for his medical content. Thiravat discussed a white clot found in people and dead bodies with a history of mRNA Covid vaccines, sparking concern among the public.

These health advisories and controversies underscore the importance of staying informed and vigilant about health risks, whether at home or abroad.

(Source: Bangkok Post | Thaiger)

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