China seeks Dutch support for ‘Normal’ trade of lithography machines

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In a twist of diplomatic rhetoric, China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao expressed hope for the Netherlands’ support in ensuring the “normal” trade of lithography machines during a meeting with Dutch Trade Minister Geoffrey van Leeuwen. Wang emphasized China’s view of the Netherlands as a “trustworthy” economic and trade partner, highlighting the importance of fulfilling contractual obligations.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, reportedly involved discussions on the export of lithography machines to China and cooperation in the semiconductor industry. This comes against the backdrop of the Dutch government’s recent move to deny licenses for Dutch firm ASML to export advanced “DUV” tool lines to China, aligning with a broader U.S. effort to restrict chip exports to the Asian giant.

The Dutch trade minister’s visit to Beijing was part of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s delegation earlier in the week, underscoring the significance of the economic relationship between the two countries. The outcome of these discussions could have implications for future trade dynamics between China and the Netherlands, particularly in the high-tech sector.

(Source: Nikkei Asia | SCMP | Global Times)

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