Northeast shaken as 4.8 magnitude earthquake rattles Washington, DC to New York City

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Unexpectedly, the ground beneath the northeast shook Friday morning, leaving residents from Washington, DC to New York City to New England feeling the tremors. The US Geological Survey reported that an earthquake had struck, rattling buildings and sparking a flurry of activity.

Despite the initial alarm, authorities quickly reassured the public that there were no damages or injuries reported. The New York City Fire Department responded to reports of shaking buildings, stating that they were evaluating structural stability but had not encountered any major incidents at that time.

Residents described feeling the ground vibrating and buildings swaying, with some likening the sensation to a large truck passing by. In the aftermath, emergency alerts blared on mobile phones, adding to the sense of unease.

Initial reports suggested a magnitude of 4.8, but this was later revised to 4.7 before being adjusted back to 4.8 as more data was reviewed. The epicenter was just northeast of Lebanon, New Jersey, less than 50 miles west of New York City. The shallow depth of the quake, just 5 km below the surface, contributed to its widespread impact.

The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily halted flights to airports in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Newark. Controllers evacuated the air traffic control tower at Newark Liberty airport, leading to a suspension of flights as they relocated to an alternate site. Flights at LaGuardia were also briefly affected as controllers ensured the safety of runways.

(Source: CNN | NBC )

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