Instagram overtakes Naver in South Korea, surpassing 20.9 billion minutes of usage

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Instagram has dethroned Naver as the third most popular mobile app in South Korea, according to industry data released on Tuesday. The photo-sharing app racked up a staggering 20.9 billion minutes of usage in April, outpacing Naver’s 20 billion minutes.

This milestone marks the first time Instagram has overtaken Naver since mobile market research firm Wiseapp began tracking such data in March 2016. The shift highlights the growing influence of social media platforms in South Korea’s digital landscape.

YouTube remains the undisputed champion of mobile apps, with South Koreans dedicating a whopping 102.1 billion minutes to the video streaming giant last month. KakaoTalk, the country’s leading mobile messenger, secured second place with 32.5 billion minutes.

Trailing behind Instagram and Naver, TikTok emerged as the fifth most popular app, amassing 6 billion minutes of usage. Naver Webtoon followed in sixth place with 4.9 billion minutes, and X took the seventh spot with 4.8 billion minutes.

Wiseapp’s data reveals a significant trend: South Koreans are increasingly turning to social media platforms to connect, share, and consume content. Instagram, in particular, has seen a remarkable surge, with its usage time soaring by over 5 billion minutes in the past year alone.

As social media continues to shape the way people interact and entertain themselves, it’s clear that apps like Instagram are becoming indispensable in the daily lives of South Koreans. Whether it’s sharing snapshots of their lives or scrolling through endless feeds of photos and videos, the country’s social media users are more engaged than ever.

(Source: Telecom Paper | India News)

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