Tragedy strikes as glass walkway shatters at Indonesia’s Geong bridge

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In a horrifying incident, a tourist lost their life while three others sustained injuries after a glass walkway shattered at a popular beauty spot in Indonesia. The tragic event occurred as a group of 11 tourists from Cilacep, Central Java, were crossing the Geong bridge at approximately 10 a.m. on a fateful Wednesday. The bridge, perched 30 feet (10 meters) above the forest floor, was meant to be a thrilling experience, but it turned into a nightmare.

Two tourists fell through the shattered glass and plummeted into the Limpakuwus Pine Forest below. Tragically, one of them did not survive the fall, while the other sustained minor injuries. Two more tourists were thrown off the bridge when the glass gave way but managed to cling to the frame. Brave onlookers captured their dramatic rescue on video as they were helped to safety.

The Indonesian authorities are currently investigating the incident and have cordoned off the area as a crime scene. Concerns have arisen that the management of the attraction may have disregarded complaints regarding the safety of the bridge. Video footage taken near the site shows a tourist struggling to climb back up immediately after the glass walkway shattered, capturing the chaos and fear that ensued.

As the camera refocuses, it reveals the shocking sight of another tourist who had fallen through the shattered glass. Fortunately, quick-thinking onlookers rushed to help the stranded tourist, ensuring their safe rescue from the dangerous situation.

Despite the horror of the incident, ten of the tourists were fortunate to escape with their lives, suffering only minor injuries. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety in such tourist attractions.

Ekop Purnomo, chairman of the Limpakuwus Pine Forest Cooperative, revealed that he had contacted the manager of The Geong bridge back in April when the bridge was inaugurated. Purnomo sought a safety evaluation amid growing concerns about the bridge’s safety, following complaints on social media. He asserted that as many as five percent of visitors had shared their concerns online.

What is more alarming is that the manager of the bridge chose not to attend a meeting to review safety standards. Instead, a representative was sent, and no meaningful discussion took place. This lack of action may have contributed to the unfortunate incident.

In light of the incident, Purnomo has agreed to close the Limpakuwus Pine Forest temporarily, as it is managed separately from the bridge. Local police have requested the closure to facilitate the ongoing investigation.

The casualties in this tragedy have once again drawn attention to the need for stringent safety measures in tourist attractions with glass walkways. This incident is not an isolated one, as a similar incident occurred in China in 2021 when a tourist clung to a damaged glass-bottomed bridge during strong winds.

In the Chinese city of Longjing, a resort built into Piyan Mountain featured a 330-foot high glass-bottomed bridge that faced damage due to winds reaching up to 90 mph. A harrowing image circulated, depicting a man clinging onto the railing for his life as the glass panels blew away. Fortunately, with the assistance of firefighters, police, and forestry and tourism workers, the tourist was guided to safety.

These incidents should serve as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety and adhering to standards in the construction and maintenance of tourist attractions worldwide. Tragedies like this one must be avoided, ensuring that tourists can enjoy thrilling experiences without putting their lives at risk.

(Source: Daily Mail | The Jakarta Post)

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