Lego channels a $200 million investment into its Monterrey plant, emphasizing both sustainability and growth

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In a move aimed at fortifying its position in the Americas, Danish toymaker Lego has announced a colossal expansion plan for its Monterrey plant in Nuevo León, Mexico. With a hefty investment exceeding $200 million, the company is gearing up to enhance its packing and warehousing capabilities, signaling a commitment to sustainable growth and environmental responsibility.

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer at the Lego Group, emphasized the company’s dedication to adapting to local market demands, reducing the supply chain, and minimizing environmental impact. The Monterrey expansion, set to be the largest in Lego’s global manufacturing network, encompasses the construction of a new packing building, a warehouse extension, and other crucial facilities. This strategic move will contribute an impressive 59,000 square meters to the operational area of the existing site.

Currently employing 5,000 people in the Monterrey metro area municipality of Ciénega de Flores, the plant is poised to welcome an additional 900 employees as part of the expansion. This growth comes on the heels of a previous expansion initiative that commenced in August 2022, highlighting Lego’s commitment to meeting the rising demand for its iconic building blocks.

Lego’s expansion in Monterrey aligns seamlessly with the company’s broader sustainability goals. The press release outlines ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions by 37% by 2032. To achieve this, the Monterrey factory has incorporated solar panels and installed a cutting-edge water treatment plant. This facility aims not only to curb water consumption but also to address Nuevo León’s persistent drought issues. By February 2024, the plant aims to reuse a substantial 6,500 cubic meters of water per month.

Nancy Sánchez, General Manager of the Monterrey Lego factory and Senior Vice President at the Lego Group, expressed enthusiasm for the continued investment in the Monterrey facilities. Sánchez credited the region’s robust labor market and talent pool for enabling the company to attract skilled professionals over the 15 years since the factory’s inception.

The Monterrey factory stands as one of three Lego manufacturing hubs globally, responsible for the entire production process, from molding the iconic Lego bricks to decorating and packaging the final sets. This strategic expansion not only positions Lego for sustained growth in the Americas but also underscores the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and the cultivation of a skilled workforce. As Lego continues to build on its legacy of creativity and innovation, the Monterrey expansion stands out as a testament to the company’s dedication to shaping a more sustainable and interconnected future.

(Source: Mexico News Daily | Mexico Now | WebWire)

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