Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announces ambitious plans to elevate China-Malaysia partnership

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In the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, the air was thick with anticipation as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Malaysian counterpart, Zambry Abdul Kadir, gathered to discuss the future of their nations’ comprehensive strategic partnership. The meeting, held against the backdrop of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Malaysia comprehensive strategic partnership, promised to elevate bilateral relations to new heights.

Wang began by expressing China’s commitment to deepening exchanges and cooperation with Malaysia across various domains. Both nations, he stated, were guided by the vision of jointly building a China-Malaysia community of shared future. The Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized the pivotal role played by the recent successful visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to China. During the visit, Anwar and Chinese President Xi Jinping forged a significant consensus on fostering a shared future between the two nations, injecting fresh vigor into their diplomatic ties.

Zambry reciprocated the enthusiasm, describing China as a good and trusted friend of Malaysia. He underscored Malaysia’s dedication to nurturing its relationship with China and expressed eagerness to commemorate the upcoming 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Zambry highlighted the imminent launch of a mutual visa-free entry arrangement, anticipating that it would significantly enhance people-to-people exchanges and boost tourism, with hopes for an influx of Chinese tourists into Malaysia.

Amid the diplomatic discussions, both nations turned their attention to the pressing issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Wang asserted China’s commitment to preventing the resurgence of war and humanitarian disasters, labeling it a responsibility of every responsible country. He disclosed China’s initiative to convene a high-level meeting on the Palestinian-Israeli issue at the UN Security Council, driven by the requests of Arab and Islamic countries.

Wang outlined the objectives of the meeting, emphasizing the need for a consensus on a cease-fire and cessation of hostilities at a higher level. He underscored the urgency of sending a clear message against a return to conflict and harm to civilians. The Chinese Foreign Minister called for smoother access to humanitarian supplies in Gaza to alleviate the crisis, advocating a return to the two-state solution for a comprehensive and lasting settlement.

Zambry echoed China’s stance, lauding China’s influential and fair position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He revealed his special trip to New York to attend the Security Council high-level meeting under the directive of Prime Minister Anwar. Expressing confidence in China’s leadership, Zambry anticipated that China would play a pivotal role in offering concrete initiatives to address the crisis in line with global consensus.

In a final show of solidarity, Zambry affirmed Malaysia’s alignment with China’s position on preventing war, accelerating humanitarian aid, and pursuing the two-state solution. He pledged Malaysia’s readiness to collaborate closely with China to ensure the success of the Security Council meeting, reflecting a shared commitment to resolving global challenges through diplomatic cooperation. As the sun set over Kuala Lumpur, the diplomatic corridors buzzed with the promise of a strengthened China-Malaysia partnership and a collective effort to address pressing international concerns.

(Source: Xinhua)

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