Air New Zealand set to launch its ‘Skynest’ bunk beds in September

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Air New Zealand is set to revolutionize long-haul travel with the launch of its innovative ‘Skynest,’ aimed at enhancing the comfort of economy class passengers. The airline, known for its commitment to passenger experience, has designed the Skynest as a premium sleep pod that will be available for booking on select long-haul flights.

The move comes in response to the unique challenges faced by passengers traveling to and from New Zealand, a country known for its isolation. With flights from the United States taking up to 13 hours and those from Asia around 10 hours, Air New Zealand is aiming to make these long journeys more comfortable and relaxing for economy class travelers.

The Skynest will feature six individual sleep pods, each equipped with amenities such as USB charging ports, reading lights, earplugs, sheets, blankets, pillows, and a seatbelt to ensure passenger safety. The pods will be available for booking in four-hour blocks, allowing passengers to rest and recharge during their flight.

To maintain hygiene standards, the linens in each pod will be changed after every use. While the Skynest will offer a cozy and private space for passengers to relax, it will be strictly reserved for single occupancy, with no sharing allowed. This ensures that each passenger has ample space to rest undisturbed.

Passengers interested in booking the Skynest can expect to pay an additional cost of approximately NZ $400-$600 (US $254-$380) on top of their economy class fare. The pods are expected to debut on Air New Zealand’s flagship NZ1/NZ2 service between New York JFK and Auckland, with potential expansion to other long-haul routes in the future.

The introduction of the Skynest reflects Air New Zealand’s commitment to innovation and passenger comfort, marking a new era of travel where economy class passengers can enjoy a premium sleeping experience at 30,000 feet. With its launch anticipated in September this year, the Skynest is poised to redefine long-haul travel for passengers flying with Air New Zealand.

(Source: Simple Flying | BI)

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