Groundbreaking speech AI company raises $4 million in seed round for global expansion

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A | a-+=, a Dubai-based speech A.I. company, has secured a $4 million seed round led by Courtside Ventures, with participation from TRTL Ventures, Blue Star Innovation Partners, Ikemori Ventures, and Eisaburo Maeda. This funding round will fuel’s expansion as it continues to revolutionize the dubbing industry.

The company, known for its groundbreaking technology that can instantly dub performances in over 100 languages, dialects, and accents using original voices with their nuances, has been making waves since its inception in 2022.’s MARS TTS and BOLI Translator have shattered technological barriers by preserving the speaker’s original tone and nuance with less than three seconds of input, ensuring that translated content remains powerful and engaging.

With the largest collection of resource languages, can translate languages like Afrikaans, Malay, and Basque, making global communication more inclusive than ever before. This innovative approach has caught the attention of major investors and clients, including Dubai Future District Fund, Major League Soccer, Tennis Australia, and many others.’s technology has already been used in various high-profile projects, including Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja’s horror film “Three,” which debuted at the Red Sea Festival in Saudi Arabia as the world’s first fully AI-dubbed multilingual feature film. This demonstrates the company’s ability to capture emotional nuances and deliver authentic experiences across different languages and cultures.

Despite the challenges posed by linguistic barriers in accessing digital content, is at the forefront of providing solutions. Its proprietary Generative AI technology offers colloquial, contextual translations, zero-shot cross-lingual voice cloning, cross-lingual time sync, background score preservation, and more, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

“We are thrilled to have an investor group that shares our vision for the future of dubbing and translation,” said Avneesh Prakash, CEO and Co-Founder of “This funding will enable us to further develop our technology and expand our global reach.”’s recent selection by Major League Soccer for its Innovation Lab and participation in the 2024 AO Startups Program with Tennis Australia, Wildcard Ventures, and Techstars are testaments to the company’s growing influence in the industry. These partnerships will enable to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in multilingual communication and content localization.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter | Deadline | SBJ | Business Wire)

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