Delta Air Lines is set to elevate the airport lounge experience with its new premium lounges

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Delta Air Lines is taking its airport lounges up a notch, with plans for a more exclusive tier targeting high-spending travelers. The airline is set to debut its first “premium” lounge at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in June, boasting a sprawling 38,000-square-foot space, making it the largest among Delta’s lounges. Additional high-end lounges are slated to open in Boston and Los Angeles later this year.

In recent years, Delta has been expanding its network of Sky Clubs to accommodate a growing number of travelers gaining access through memberships, airline status, credit card perks, or premium cabin travel. While Delta had initially announced plans to restrict lounge access, the airline revised some of these changes following customer feedback.

This new approach reflects Delta’s shift away from a one-size-fits-all model for airport travelers. The airline is following in the footsteps of United Airlines, which operates Polaris lounges, and American Airlines, known for its Flagship lounges, in addition to standard airport clubs.

Delta has not disclosed the entry requirements for its new premium lounges but has revealed that the JFK location will feature a full-service restaurant and “wellness” areas.

In addition to these premium lounges, Delta also plans to open standard Sky Clubs in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a new location in Seattle later this year. The carrier is also expanding its clubs in Miami and at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

These developments coincide with Delta’s emphasis on the growing importance of premium travelers. The airline reported a 26% increase in “premium” revenue from business-class or premium economy tickets last year, totaling $19.1 billion in sales. Meanwhile, sales of main cabin tickets rose by 20% to $24.5 billion.

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