Honda enters electric kei van market with October launch

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Get ready for a new contender in the electric delivery vehicle arena! Honda Motor is gearing up to unleash a micro-sized electric van this October, aiming to revolutionize Japan’s delivery industry. Yes, you heard that right – Honda is diving into an already bustling market, but they’ve got a trick up their sleeve.

This tiny yet mighty electric commercial van boasts an impressive cruising range of 245 km (152 miles). It’s classified as a “kei” vehicle, a category known for its low power and even lower taxes, making it a favorite among budget-conscious drivers.

But wait, there’s more! Honda, Japan’s second-largest automaker, is not stopping there. They’ve got plans to roll out an electric kei passenger car next year. If you’re familiar with Honda’s prowess in the kei car segment, you won’t be surprised. Their N-Box model has been the reigning champ in Japan’s kei passenger vehicle market for ages.

Kei vehicles are the unsung heroes of Japanese transportation. They’re the go-to choice for businesses and households alike, perfect for delivering agricultural produce, parcels, and other goods across both urban jungles and rural landscapes. Their popularity is largely due to their affordability and practicality.

Honda’s big reveal comes hot on the heels of some drama in the industry. Toyota Motor had to hit the brakes on their small electric van project thanks to a safety test scandal at Daihatsu. And let’s not forget Mitsubishi Motors Corp, which reintroduced its Minicab EV, a small commercial van, back in December 2023.

So, buckle up! Honda’s latest venture is set to make waves in the electric delivery van market, offering a fresh and eco-friendly alternative for all your delivery needs.

(Source: Market Screener | Times Live | Japan Times)

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