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LATAM Airlines plans NYSE listing

In a move aimed at harnessing fresh financial winds, LATAM Airlines has set its sights on a glittering debut on the New York Stock Exchange. [more…]

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Maritime giants merge in $1.11 billion deal

Imagine a bustling boardroom in Norway where the high-stakes world of supply shipping and marine services converges. On a seemingly ordinary Tuesday, the Norwegian supply [more…]

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Krispy Kreme’s sweet deal in Brazil

In a move set to delight donut enthusiasts across Brazil, Krispy Kreme, Inc. has announced a joint venture with AmPm Comestiveis Ltda (AmPm), marking its [more…]

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Nissan announces ambitious plans to expand presence in Brazil

In a move aimed at boosting its foothold in Latin America’s largest economy, Nissan recently unveiled a substantial increase in its investment in its Brazilian [more…]