Germany calls for global cooperation to combat drug trafficking

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Germany’s Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, has urged increased global cooperation to tackle the growing threat of drug trafficking, particularly in the harbors of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. In an interview with Germany’s Funke media group, Faeser highlighted the alarming rise in international drug smuggling activities and emphasized the need for tougher and more coordinated actions against drug cartels.

Faeser expressed concern over the escalating violence associated with drug trafficking, citing threats and murders of journalists and prosecutors, as well as the discovery of torture chambers in Europe. She emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue to prevent further harm to society.

In response to these challenges, Faeser announced plans to travel to South America to strengthen cooperation with countries like Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. She emphasized the importance of working directly with South American police forces to prevent large quantities of drugs from reaching Europe.

Faeser outlined several measures to enhance drug trafficking prevention efforts. These measures include identifying companies involved in drug trafficking, informing legitimate shipping companies about smuggling attempts, and supporting port workers who may face pressure from criminal organizations. Additionally, Faeser stressed the importance of fair wages for port workers to reduce the appeal of cartel money.

The interior minister’s call for global cooperation reflects Germany’s commitment to combating drug trafficking and its associated violence. By working closely with international partners and implementing targeted measures, Germany aims to stem the flow of drugs and protect its citizens from the harmful effects of drug-related crime.

(Source: DW | MSN)

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