Vietnam sentences nine to death in major drug trafficking case in Asia

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A court in Vietnam has sentenced nine individuals to death after they were found guilty of involvement in one of the country’s largest drug trafficking cases in recent months. The defendants were convicted of trafficking 105 kilograms (231.49 pounds) of methamphetamine and heroin from Laos to Vietnam between 2021 and early 2022, when the operation was dismantled.

Vietnam’s online newspaper VnExpress reported that the convicted individuals were involved in a drug trafficking ring that was busted in early 2022. The severity of the sentence reflects Vietnam’s stringent narcotics laws, which impose the death penalty for those found guilty of trafficking 100 grams or more of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, or amphetamine.

Despite these strict laws, drug trafficking remains a significant issue in Vietnam. According to data from the Ministry of Public Security, 41,400 suspects were arrested in 26,469 drug trafficking cases last year, marking an increase from 36,000 traffickers and 24,000 cases in 2022.

This recent sentencing follows another high-profile case in November, where a court in Ho Chi Minh City sentenced 18 individuals, including two South Koreans and a Chinese citizen, to death. The defendants in that case were accused of trafficking 216 kilograms of drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam in 2020, with part of the shipment destined for South Korea.

In response to these challenges, the Ministry of Public Security has highlighted the complex nature of drug trafficking activities, noting that they occur through various channels, including land, air, and sea routes.

The severity of these sentences underscores Vietnam’s unwavering commitment to combatting drug trafficking and sends a strong message to those involved in such illicit activities.

(Source: ThePrint | HW | Reuters | RTE)

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