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Philippine Airlines launches direct flights from Seattle, connecting the pacific northwest to the Asian region

This autumn, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will open its gates to a new adventure as Philippine Airlines introduces nonstop flights to Manila, Philippines. This marks the [more…]

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Thailand to enhance tourist experience and accessibility for Chinese visitors

Thailand is ramping up efforts to attract tourists, especially from China, by focusing on high-quality services and improved accessibility. Nithee Seeprae, the deputy governor for [more…]

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Hong Kong and Thailand launch real-time payment integration for tourists

In a groundbreaking move aimed at expediting digital transformation and fostering increased business opportunities, authorities in Hong Kong and Thailand have announced a new initiative [more…]

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Thailand extends nightclub hours to boost tourism

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, neon lights flickered and music echoed through the streets as the Thai government’s latest move sent ripples through the [more…]